People are confused and wrong about driver assistance systems, IIHS finds


Tesla Autopilot creates the most confusion of all

A new IIHS study found that a scary amount of people are confused about the driver assistance systems found in cars today. Furthermore, the study found that folks were especially confused about Tesla’s Autopilot.

One portion of the study involved the IIHS surveying participants about certain unsafe behaviors behind the wheel, given only the name of the driver assistance system. People weren’t given the name of the brand for this section, and were instead told to answer the questions about Autopilot(Tesla), Traffic Jam Assist (Audi and Acura), Super Cruise (Cadillac), Driving Assistant Plus (BMW) and ProPilot Assist (Nissan). The results show that folks misunderstand Tesla’s Autopilot far worse than any other driver assistance system on the market. A chart of the results is pasted below.


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