Mobility changes in Italy during COVID-19. La mobilità in Italia ai tempi del COVID-19.

Google prepared this report to help you and public health officials understand responses to social distancing guidance related to COVID-19.
Location accuracy and the understanding of categorized places varies from region to region.
These reports show how visits and length of stay at different places change compared to
a baseline.

We calculate these changes using the same kind of aggregated and anonymized
data used to show popular times for places in Google Maps.

Changes for each day are compared to a baseline value for that day of the week:
● The baseline is the median value, for the corresponding day of the week, during the 5-
week period Jan 3–Feb 6, 2020.
● The reports show trends over several weeks with the most recent data representing
approximately 2-3 days ago—this is how long it takes to produce the reports.
What data is included in the calculation depends on user settings, connectivity, and
whether it meets our privacy threshold.
We calculate these insights based on data from users who have opted-in to Location
History for their Google Account, so the data represents a sample of our users. As with all
samples, this may or may not represent the exact behavior of a wider population


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